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I retired from selling minerals. This site will now evolve into a reference site for mineral collectors.

Below are some of my career statistics:

  • Started mineral collecting: 1968

  • Started selling minerals part-time: 1989

  • Started web site: 1996 (original web site hosted on AOL)

  • Retired from selling minerals: 2023

  • Items Sold: 81,435 (Minerals: 80,799; Books: 636)

  • Packages shipped: 26,561

  • Minerals photographed: 66,163

  • Photographs created: 193,778

  • Videos created: 3032

  • Diamonds sold: 2,266

  • Thumbnail-sized minerals sold: 26,278

  • Number of mineral species: 1728

Top 18 species sold:

* not a species, but a category of mineral types.


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Customer Feedback:

"Your site was the first site I went to online 17 years ago and hands down the best. I have learned so much about minerals and have turned many rock collectors on to your mineral museum which I still visit on a regular basis. My husband told me to pick something out for Christmas so I will get busy looking for that last thing to order. Although I didn't order a lot from you I always looked forward to Tuesday. Your site taught me a lot in my fledgling years. You will be missed. John Betts Fine Minerals... the greatest." Tiffany

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